Melbourne proudly carries the title of the world’s Coffee Capital for the past two years. Yes, we have some wonderful cafes, some awesome micro roasteries, a coffee laneway culture second to none, host to world barista and brewing competitions and much more. But there is one ingredient that gives Melbourne a wonderful advantage when we’re pushing the boundaries of coffee flavour. It’s water!

Melbourne’s water is almost entirely rainwater and has a very low salinities and is among the cleanest in the world. The Cardinia reservoir, for example, has a super low total dissolved solids level of 40. Being so clean means less treatment with harsh, extraction inhibiting and flavour-affecting chemicals.

All this makes a huge difference when extracting and tasting coffee allowing us roasters to roast lighter and to make our coffees really shine! But, being a progressive and research-orientated roaster, we have not sat back and said the only way to taste flavour and strength in Sydney and Perth is to roast horribly dark and overcome the disadvantage of hard water with bitterness. No, with our ZXT extraction system we are getting incredible results with light roasted specialty blends in our Sydney Green Room.

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