We highly recommend Breville Precision Brewer for home/office and even cafe to consistently brew filter coffee. This video shows you our recommended recipe on Breville Precision Brewer that works pretty well with our filter roasted...
READY FOR THE RE-OPENING? We’re in a critical week with talk of relaxing restrictions abounding. Will it be tomorrow ? Or Monday? What will the new rules be? While there are still plenty of uncertainties...
Our most recent project with partners Bosque Verdes & Faical Coffee in Cajamarca, San Ignacio, northern Peru. Giving an insight into our  financial investment and education to producer Jose Nolasco and his family. This is...

Zest in the City


Zest @ Tigerous

A little over 2 weeks ago, two of our roasters, Darren and Aryan and barista, Andy, landed in San Ignacio, Peru. For those who haven’t been following along on social media, we were there to...

It’s Peru Week!

We’re stoked to welcome the Bosques Verdes Peruvian Reserve Special Lots to Zest’s roasting schedule (starting today!) The story has only just begun for our projects in Peru, and these limited edition lots are the...
––Where Flavour Terrains meet rough Terrains!  Our go-to photography team, Andy & Alysha, went on a pretty wild trek recently and they took us with them. In the way of coffee. And we thought we’d...


In the world of coffee Columbus and Pythagorus are both right, a coffee bean can be round and flat. We had some fresh Bolivian micro-lots arrive on our doorstep this week and it caused quite...

Survive the COVID-19 Crisis

Simple, but definitive tips to get you through the COVID-19 restrictions.
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