The Art of Blending: Summertime

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At Zest Sydney, we recently hosted a unique coffee workshop, “The Art of Blending,” in partnership with Cofinet. This wasn’t your average coffee workshop, but a deep dive into the intricate world of coffee blending – offering a special experience for coffee aficionados and novices alike to create their own blend.

Participants had the luxury of choosing from an assortment of coffees hailing from various origins and farms. The selection included both fruit-infused and traditional processed coffees such as washed and naturals. This variety enabled attendees to explore a broad spectrum of flavours to craft their own signature blend.

The atmosphere on the night was electric and buzzing with creativity. Armed with an array coffee options and guided by our experienced team of professionals, participants formed teams and began tasting/blending coffees to create their perfect blend. It was an evening of individual expression, a communal love for coffee, and a journey of discovery into what makes each coffee unique.


The Winning Blend

The workshop’s highlight was undoubtedly the competition to create the winning blend, which as promised, would be featured in Zest’s seasonal offerings. After carefully blind tasting each blend, our panel of judges from Zest Coffee and Cofinet unanimously chose the winning blend which featured:

  • A Peruvian coffee, which exhibited a bright citrus profile, providing a crisp foundation.

A Honduran coffee, adding layers of rich texture and subtle floral elegance.
Two fruit-infused coffees, Red Fruit and Mint which elevated the blend with its unique flavour profile.


Naming the Blend: ‘SummerTime’


Following the event, one of the most fulfilling aspects for our team was naming the blend. After much deliberation, we settled on “Summertime.” This name not only reflects the vibrant and refreshing flavours of summer, but also pays homage to our love of Jazz – referencing the iconic song “Summer Time” by George Gershwin. It’s a name that encapsulates the essence of the blend – fresh, lively, and full of character.


The launch of SummerTime


The wait is over, it’s time to dive right in! We’re excited to invite our community, who played a pivotal role in bringing ‘Summertime’ to life. Summertime is more than just a coffee, it’s a tribute to our collective passion and enthusiasm – a blend truly made special by all of you. Cheers to new beginnings and shared moments!

Want to grab yourself a bag of summer? Follow this link!