Last month Rob McDonald put on his backpack and set off for an adventure exploring Europe’s amazing rennaisance of the specialty coffee industry. Visiting myriads of boutique roasters, specialty cafes and world renowned suppliers to the industry, Rob was enthralled by the incredible coffee heritage combined with the new age push into the evolving specialty market. While espresso is definitely on the increase (influenced heavily by Italy’s dominance of machine production and Germany’s precision engineering prowess), filter brew is definitely the art of the specialty end of the market. V60’s and Aeropresses abounded and the barista’s have honed the procedures to the max producing cup after cup of delicious brew. Rob visited The Barn in Berlin – his old haunt where he worked for a year while studying in Germany. This micro roastery and cafe has grown into one of Europe’s leading specialty venues – so don’t miss it when you’re in Berlin! Also on the trip was an enlightening tour of the Mahlkonig factory where lines of EK43 grinders are carefully assembled by seasoned craftsmen.

Rob also visited Nordic Approach, Europe’s leading specialty green bean merchant and cupped some extraordinary Rwandan microlots that we look forward to sharing with our Australian cafes.

So much to see, so much to learn and so much to share! Want to hear more? Catch up with Rob in the Green Room!