Snapshot of Rob + James trip to Sumatra – May 2016

The islands that make up Indonesia are not only a cornerstone in the history of coffee, but also a booming up-and-comer in the current specialty coffee movement. Zest’s James Craig, now a seasoned coffee traveller in Indonesia, often remarks that ‘there is the taste of Africa to be found amongst those mountains’. This, from a historical perspective, is not far from the truth as Indonesia was the home of the first plantation of coffee outside it’s native homeland, Ethiopia.

Recently, both James + Rob spent weeks exploring Sumatra’s Gayo highlands, the Lintong area + Silawesi’s Tana Toraja regency with the aim of discovering the full potential for coffee excellence hidden within Indonesia’s rugged terrain. I’m glad to say we did not come back empty handed; we will be sharing much (and have much to share) in terms of coffee, knowledge, stories, photos + videos in the near future.