Baristas: It’s all about you.

The buck stops here. Don’t make them a coffee – make their day.

It’s not just about latte art, nor the smile you hold, nor the cleanliness of your machine. It’s all of them together. Being a great barista comes with many challenges but great rewards.

One of the many. But the only one.

As baristas, we should aim to stand out. We’re not talking about being the center of attention, but something else – something about the way you make that perfect cup of coffee that makes you unforgettable. Something that makes the customer’s day, which helps them to love coffee even more, and inspires other baristas.


A smile is contagious. You have the opportunity to infect each of your customers with a good shot of happiness.

PRO TIP: Make a little reminder to smile, and stick is where you’ll never miss it. Chances are some days you’re going to need a little reminder.


Make each coffee personal, and use a marker to write the order neatly on the lid. One better, inspire them with a small message such as , “have a great day!”

Be Clean.

Don’t have OCD, (unless you understand that to be Obsessive Coffee Disorder), but keep your working space clean and presentable. There is nothing worse than walking up to the counter and seeing a jug with dried milk, or coffee grinds near newly poured lattes.