The Z Crop. (Every flavour on the wheel)

Meet Roy Yu…

Official Lot title: Roy YU

Inhouse lot reference: “Dai Ga Ho Ma ~?” Cantonese for, ‘Hey guys, how are you?’ – accentuating the bi-lingual qualities of this lot.

Origin: China

Farm: Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Varietal: Hong Kong Chinese 80’s, Yu’s Family Cooperative

Harvest: Micro-Lot February 1985

Process: Soaked in Art, Educated in Marketing, and Practiced in Hospitality

Altitude: Still ascending

Flavour Profile: A bit of everything, but strong, dominant notes of humour.

More about this coffee: Grown in Hong Kong, one of the most dynamic and competitive cities in the world and processed using a variety of methods in both Hong Kong and Australia.

An open and creative personality was inherited from the family lineage, but the unique characteristics of this lot were developed in the processing. Roy Yu was first semi-washed in Business & Marketing  at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. Roy was then roasted in a pressurised, but fun, environment – the Advertising Industry – for 12 hours a day over 24 months. This is where those ‘real business’ skills and characteristics were further developed. They are bold notes and linger through the whole experience of the Roy Yu lot.

After the first crack, Roy Yu went through a further 8 year development in the heat of the Hospitality  – as a waiter, chef, marketing specialist, Coffee Academy Manager, Branding Expert and finally, a business owner –  a true Omni-Roast!

Roy Yu has recently been degassed and is ready for consumption.

Preferred recipe for extraction: Consultation – a method designed to transform life experience & ideas into practical advice and business solutions.

Other notable facts about the Roy Yu lot: This rare lot is now available exclusively to Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters, the only Asian Varietal currently in stock at Zest, Roy Yu is reserved for VIP Customers as a value-adding offering, and for future Café Operators who are craving direction and advice – the Vitamin Z, so to speak.

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