How Zest can help your cafe during the pandemic

A massive round of applause to the amazing café’s that are continuing to persist through the labyrinth of restrictions, lockdown and takeaway service! If this time has taught us anything it’s that the hospitality industry is filled with amazingly resilient and innovative people – a team we’re proud to be supporting. While café owners have been repeatedly blowing us away with great ideas, we’ve actioned a couple of our own to help in any small way that we can. Take a look at the following products and ideas to see if there is anything Zest could be providing or helping you with. We want you to be taking advantage of every little bit of help we can provide!

Social Media Shoutouts

Have you noticed how our Insta-stories are always filled with delicious brews from our café clients? That’s because they know that by tagging @zest_coffee in their posts, we will reshare it on our stories and share the good vibes with our audience of over 5000 coffee lovers!


Are you selling retail packs of coffee beans for home brew? We will help you to set up a retail shelf to take advantage of the huge opportunity in home brew during the lockdowns. Coffee beans, brew gear and more. Here’s a way to claw back some of your lost revenue and keep those clients coming back for more.

Social Distancing Floor DECALS

At the start of the pandemic, you might have remembered seeing some black and white circle stickers going around with some cheeky social distancing messages like, ‘This spot is just for you!’. Whether you’re needing some stickers to help manage foot traffic or your first batch of ‘zest dots’ have become old and worn, feel free to reach out to your Zest contact and we’ll provide you with a fresh pack in your next order!

Café Safe Download Pack

Needing to refresh your café with relevant safety signage? Take advantage of our free templates you can print out and hang in your café. Don’t have a printer? Let your account manager know and we’ll print them for you and have them sent with your next order!

Custom Loyalty Cards

In times like these you want to grow loyal. lasting relationships with your customers. Our customer support team at Zest is offering to help by designing, printing and delivering custom branded loyalty cards, in order for you to delight your clients and build a returning customer base. Again, now’s the time to chat to your Zest contact, ask them about your options with loyalty cards and stay ahead of the pack with loyal patrons!


Are you racing through paper cups like never before? This alone is a big added expense. At Zest we have a wide range of competitive cup options including compostable, single and double wall, lids and carry trays. Let us cut this cost for you.

OTHER Takeaway Packaging FOR FOOD On The Go!

You can keep it sustainable and stylish with our Bio-board compostable range of takeaway food containers, burger clams, chip boxes and dinner boxes to name a few.

Sanitizers and Surface Cleaners

Easy add on products to keep you and your patrons safe… Whether it be hand sanitizer for the front door or food-safe sanitizer for your kitchen benches out the back, we’re here to help!

Café Support Page on the Website

We’re always updating our support page on our website with helpful tutorials and advice. Check out our latest guide HERE


Thank you to everyone who continues to support our family roastery. We hope that at least one of these ideas can help relieve some of the financial and/or emotional strain you may be going through right now. Please feel reach to reach out on 1800 111 810 or on if you have any suggestions or inquiries.

Got an idea where we can help? Please share it with us!