The coffee landscape is vast and diverse; a collection of different flavours, origins, stories and people. Zest brings all these landscapes together, forging a colourful terrain filled with a sundry of personalities and flavours. Passionately sharing their love of flavour; inviting all coffee lovers to explore and discover.

The unique “Flavour terrains” in our branding components highlight these important elements that support Coffeekind. Flavour/Origin, Colour/Terrain, Texture/Depth.

Pop&Pac cleverly blended and developed our beloved concepts behind the micro-lot infographics and the Espressist series still life, flavour profile shots (remember the gooey chocolate, cream and berry delicious mess of our African Mailman Espressist identity?)

The flavour terrain wallpaper uses carefully developed keys to create patterns with depth and texture that represent elements of a coffee such as origin, flavour notes, geography, and topography. Each Zest product has its own unique pattern.