Our Introduction to Specialty coffee session is designed to take participants on a journey through the entire coffee production process, from the coffee farm to the cup. Participants will learn about the various stages of coffee production, including growing and harvesting coffee cherries, processing coffee beans, and roasting and Assessing .They will also gain insight into the different coffee varieties and flavour profiles, as well as the environmental and social impact of coffee production. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to taste different types of coffee and learn how to evaluate and appreciate their quality. This workshop is perfect for coffee enthusiasts and people who want to gain a deeper understanding of the coffee industry and the complex flavours and aromas of different coffee types.



  • • Coffee growing origins of the world

    • Coffee harvest seasons

    • Coffee varietals

    • Growing & harvesting

    • Processing methods

    • Effect of processing methods on flavour profile

    • Commercial coffee vs specialty coffee

    • The journey from crop to cup

    • Understanding direct trade relationships

    • SCAA cupping protocol and scoring

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