privacy act statement and authority

In accordance with the privacy act 1988, the customer acknowledges and agrees that active hospitality supplies pty ltd (the seller) may apply to any trade references or bank named in the credit application and that such trade references or banks shall be authorised to give to the seller assessing the customer’s application for credit such information as the seller may request. Such information will include all such information which credit providers are allowed to give or receive from each other under the privacy act 1998, including information concerning the customers and guarantors credit worthiness, credit standing, credit history, and credit capacity. This constitutes an agreement between the customer and the seller, active hospitality supplies pty ltd, that the seller may seek consumer credit information pursuant to section 18k (1)(b) (or with any other relevant section) of the privacy act 1988 from a credit-reporting agency which is in possession or control of the customer’s credit information files.