Aeropress Coffee Maker
Aeropress Coffee Maker
Aeropress Coffee Maker

Aeropress Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for simplicity and great coffee flavour, than the Aeropress will tick all your boxes. Loved the world over, this convenient, light weight brewing device produces a clean, well bodied brew on every occasion. With an areopress, nothing can separate you from your caffeine fix, take it camping or exploring, wherever you go, keep it close!

In a sentence, an areopress is your go-to to make delicious coffee anywhere, and here’s some brief instructions to show you how:

Brew Guide

Inverted method (Makes 1 cup)

WATER     / 500ml at 97 degree Celsius
BREW TIME / 5:00 minutes

  1. Heat around 500ml of water to 97 degrees. If you don’t have a temperature reader on your kettle, simply bring the water boil and let it sit for 30 seconds before pouring into your areopress.
  2. Place a filter paper in the Filter cap and rinse it through with some of the heated water.
  3. Grind 14g of FILTER ROASTED coffee at medium grind, similar to castor sugar texture.
  4. Take your areopress tube/chamber and place the plunger into the end of the tube just a small way.
  5. Pour your 14g (or 2 areopress scoopfuls) of grounded coffee into the chamber, using the funnel if required.
  6. Take your heated water and pour 200ml into the chamber.
  7. Take your stirrer and make 3 circular motions in the chamber to instigate the coffee extraction.
  8. Let the coffee brew for 60 seconds. During this time take your pre-prepared filter cap with the paper inside and screw it onto the top of the chamber.
  9. At 60 seconds, carefully flip the areopress over (so that the plunger is on top) and place it onto a sturdy cup.
  10. Gently apply pressure on the plunger, pushing directly downwards and pausing when you feel resistance. It should take around 30 seconds to push the plunger all the way through.
  11. And you’re all finished! Add water to enjoy as a long black, or milk for a flat white. It’s really that simple! Now it may take you a few goes to perfect your coffee flavour. To do this taste your coffee, if it tastes bitter/and or dry, stir less next time in step 7. If it lacks sweetness and/or tastes sour, stir a few times more in step 7. If changing the number of stirs makes no improvement, then adjust your grinder settings – tasting bitter? Grind it courser. Lacks sweetness and tasting sour? Grind it finer.


Thanks to the areopress, good coffee is always at arms reach, be it on your comfy couch, on a mountain top or form outta space! Happy Brewing Coffeekind!