French Press Coffee Brewer

French Press Coffee Brewer

Despite what its name may infer, the french press was actually first patented in Milan, Italy over 80 years ago. Since then, this classic brewing device has been delighting coffeekind with rich, well bodied coffees.

Simple design and simple to use, no need for a fancy kettle or filter papers. The French Press is convenient as it is versatile. You can use a french press to brew your coffee in the morning + your ‘before bed’ cup of chamomile tea.

How to Brew (Video Tutorial)

Whilst you will quickly master the french press technique the secret is in the grind of your coffee. While this make take a bit of experimentation, small adjustments and some trial + error will most definitely pay off! Let’s get you started with what’s been working well for us:

WATER   / 350g at 95C
BREW TIME / 4:30 minutes

  1. Heat up your French Press by pouring some heated water into the glass pitcher. This will stop your brew temperature from fluctuating. When the glass is warm to touch, discard the water.
  2. Grind around 24g of coffee at a medium grind size. You want to be aiming for a texture similar to castor sugar. Don’t grind your coffee too fine as it can clog up the French Press plunger.
  3. Preheat 350mls of water to 95C. If you don’t have a temperature reader on your kettle, simply bring the water boil and let it sit for 30 seconds before pouring into your French Press.
  4. Ensuring you have removed the lid and plunger from the glass pitcher, place 24g.
  5. Add 350mls of heated water all in one pour, making sure your wet all the grounded coffee.
  6. Take the French Press lid and pull the knob right out so that the plunger is flush with the lid. Place the lid over the glass pitcher. DO not push the handle down yet!
  7. Set your timer for 4 minutes and let the coffee steep.
  8. Next, slowly begin to push down on the plunger handle. Make sure not to press all the way down to avoid over extraction. If your filter clogs or it becomes too difficult to push down, remove the plunger, give the coffee a stir and slowly purge again.
  9. Decant your coffee before serving to avoid getting coffee grounds in your brew. Make sure the lid is fitted so that the filter grill on the inner rim of the lid, lines up with the spout. We also recommend discarding the last 10% of the coffee remaining in the glass pitcher as it will contain too much coffee silt.
  10. And you’re all finished, You did it! Ensure to decant straight away to stop the brewing process. There are many ways to brew French Press but we hope we have set you up with the basic steps to an amazing coffee. Keep at it and you will soon find yourself immersed in all the wonders and flavours of great coffee. Happy Brewing Coffeekind!