Guest Roasting

Explore, discover and share new flavours with your customers.

In a saturated market where there is no shortage of cafes to choose from, it can be quite hard to stand out. Guest roasting provides an opportunity to offer something a little more unique to help you differentiate yourself from competition and add value to your customers at the same time.

Give your customers the variety they need to stay curious and interested in your cafe. Choose fresh and exciting coffees on rotation and make a statement. Separate yourself from the crowd and attract a new audience. Supplement your offering with coffee that will leave people speechless.

All the benefits, less the commitment. 

We love partnering with cafes that share the same values as us: share delicious coffee with as many people as possible. As a partner in the guest roasting program, you’ll have access to the following:

What do you get with our guest roaster program

Discover and offer something a little different. Share delicious coffee with as many people as possible. 

Away with boredom. In with variety and choice.


Working with a guest roaster provides cafe owners with the freedom and flexibility they need to grow and expand.


We are all about progress, so we do not lock our customers into  restrictive contracts that limit their choices and opportunity to grow. Our guest roasting is set up so that you have access, and can offer the best coffee in Melbourne to your customers whenever you decide to. 

What are the benefits of guest roasting?

Shake it up, guest roast with us.